About us ... well, if you really want to know ...

We are a group of friendly people with a wide range of abilities who want to expand our social lives, maknew friends and see greater inclusion and improved access in our local area.

As a group, we are fully independent and self-governing. We welcome anyone who supports our aims. We are an unincorporated charitable organisation and a Disabled People's User Led Group (DPULO).

Being a DPULO means that all of the people on our “governing body” (i.e. our committee) and at least 50% of our volunteers are disabled people. It also means that we run the group on the basis of the social model of disability.

Many of us have variable health conditions, others find it a challenge to leave their homes. This is why we have created a group that allows everyone to participate at whatever level suits them. You can be a very active member helping us to develop and run the group, an interested bystander or anywhere in between. The choice is yours

And membership is free!

No need to attend meetings (although it would be great if you’d like to).

No need to volunteer your time (although you’re very welcome to do so).

No need to leave your home to be involved (although we hope you can make it to   some of our social events). 

All you need to do is fill in a membership form and become an IncluSive Sandbach member. We’ll take it from there.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, it could be...

New friendships, feeling included, socialising on-line and/or in person, sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences;

Helping others and knowing that you've made a difference locally;

Being notified of local issues that may affect you, and experiencing a more inclusive local community.

Simply adding your name to the list of people who support our aims will help us in achieving our goal of a more IncluSive Sandbach.

How do we do it?

We do it via email, Skype, over coffee, events, social media, our website and the occasional meeting.

We do it by canvassing the opinions of our members and keeping our members informed of local issues.

We do it by working with local organisation, businesses and community groups and promoting the benefits of being accessible to the spending power of disabled people as a group (the purple pound).

So join us, whatever your ability, health condition or impairment. Every member adds to our voice.

We’re eager to explore the possibilities of how this group might grow, we want to discover what you would like from joining our group and we're actively developing partnerships with many other groups to build an accessible social network.

To find out more, to make suggestions or comments or to join us please email us at info@1nclu5ive.org.uk

Or use our 'Contact Us' page.

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