IncluSive Social Events

Our Monthly Social

Our monthly get-togethers are on the second Sunday of the month from 7.30pm at The Old Hall, High Street, Sandbach, CW11 1AL.

This is a very welcoming and accessible pub where we catch up on plans and activities, have a natter, a laugh and enjoy the excellent beer (... and an occasional cheeky cheesecake). It’s an opportunity to talk about things we’d like to do or about issues that are bothering us. It’s a chance for prospective members or supporters to come and find out about who we are and what we do. Also, anyone is welcome to drop in and raise concerns about any access barriers they have encountered.

So come along and say ‘Hello’. One of our members would be very happy to meet you outside and then introduce you to the group. Please contact us to arrange this. If transport or availability of a personal assistant or carer might be an issue for you, again please do contact us – we may be able to help.

If you cannot make it to the Sunday gatherings but would be like to be involved in other social events or would just like to see improvements in disabled access, please get in touch.  

Dates for your diary (although most activities are free to members, advanced booking is required since numbers are usually limited due to the size of the venue, the amount of available accessible parking or the number of lifeguards etc)


23rd July, 3.30pm Invacar and cake.

26th July, 2pm Trustees & Volunteers: progress, planning & training.

30th July, TBC Barbecue, brainstorming and banter.

2nd August, 1 pm - 2pm Exclusive use of swimming pool. 

2nd August, 2.30 pm Trustees / Volunteers: progress, planning and/or training.

4th August, 1pm - 4pm Accessible picnic and optional dog walk.

9th August, 1pm - 2pm Exclusive use of swimming pool.

9th August, 2.30pm Trustees / Volunteers: progress, planning and/or training.

13th August, 7.30pm Monthly social, The Old Hall, Sandbach.

20th August, TBC   Argson and Barbecue. 

23rd August, 1pm - 2pm Exclusive use of swimming pool. 

23rd August, 2.30pm Trustees / Volunteers: progress, planning and/or training.

2?th August, TBC Picnic and garden games at Corbrook Park.

6th September   Visit to the circus (fully booked). 

10th September, 11am  Supporting our runners in the Sandbach 10k.

10th September, 7.30pm  Monthly social, The Old Hall, Sandbach.
Note: Some activities are arranged l
ast minute. These will be notified to members at an earlier social event, via email or by phone. 

Here are some of the events and activities that our members have enjoyed in the past:


Monthly social gatherings

Homemade soup and socialising

The CVS Gala 

Coffee, cake and conversation

Evening drinks and get-togethers

Lunch dates at each others houses

Our Christmas / New Year parties

Underwater photography

Restoration of vintage toys

Restoration of vintage vehicles

Smallwood Vintage Rally

Theatre Trip

Accessible Barbecues, Picnics & Walks

Pudding nights

Meals out

Various activities for Disabled Access Day

The Great Hospital Break Out

The CVS Vol-Fest and After-party


Training & Workshops

A ‘Writing Grant Applications’ course and ‘Meet the Funder’ events

A Project Management course at Barclays Radbroke Hall, Knutsford

South Cheshire CCG & Vale Royal CCG workshop

Two fantastic two day 3D printing workshops courtesy off DisabilityRights UK, Fab Lab Manchester and Salford University.

'In the making' Conference at Media City, Salford


We’ve also been guests / exhibited at:

Manchester Disabled People’s Access Group

Access 2 All Areas Salford

Barclay’s Bank Assistance Dog Awareness Day

Warrington Disability Awareness Day

Cheshire Independent Living Awareness Day (CILAD)


Some events and activities that are in the pipeline or are being explored:

More ad hoc socialising and informal get-together involving coffee, beer and/or food.

Various activities for Disabled Access Day

Theatre trips

Camping weekend

Restoration projects (Invacar and Argson) and a return to Smallwood Vintage Rally

Dog training classes

Indoor skydiving

Tailored exercise classes

Art and craft classes


A Murder Mystery evening

Games nights

A pudding tasting night (or three!)

Group access to the hydrotherapy pool

More accessible barbecues, picnics, walks and meals out.

An accessible photography studio

A talks and discussions about subjects such as: disability and employment, benefits, health and well being

Horse riding taster session

Further training courses for active members will be arranged to cover areas such as Trustee Roles and Responsibilities, Safeguarding, Mental Health Awareness, Volunteer Management, Income Generation, Monitoring and Evaluating, Social Media etc


Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above or if you have ideas of your own.

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